Scandinave Spa Whistler

As a local to Whistler I have watched the opening date of this much-anticipated spa pushed back month after month. Eventually it opened its doors at the end of January,  stylishly late and causing a stir.  Hidden up a dirt track next to the forests of Lost Lake this spa is a stunning oasis. Beneath the mists are hot tubs, plunge pools, eucalyptus steam rooms and dry saunas. 

As the rain came down we slid out of our cotton towels and into the hot tubs. Amazed at the scenery we were chatting away when an attendant came over and pointed at a sign – there is a rather strict rule of silence at this Nordic paradise. At first I was a bit put out by the attendants harsh tone but as I closed my eyes and listened to the falling water and the wind in the trees I realised that this was the feeling they were trying to capture. It feels like abandonment – pure relaxation.

Following the directions of the receptionist we diligently went from the hot tub to the plunge pool. Looking nervously at each other we jumped in. I don’t think I have ever got out of something so fast, what a shock. With my heart pumping I grabbed my towel and we ran to the steam room. Eucalyptus hits you as soon as you open the door and as you head into the mist to find your spot you can feel your nose and airways opening. We plunged again, then baked in the sauna, embarrassingly the floor was so hot I had to walk/skip/hop to the door.  

It was a great experience, the scenery is breath-taking and we left feeling refreshed and relaxed. Just a heads up that they charge you to use slippers and robes so if you want you can bring your own. It’s $55 to use the baths and $130 for a massage and the use of the baths. We stayed for about 2 hours, you could easily bring a book and stay longer just hanging out. There’s a healthy snack bar for soups and smoothies, overlooking the forest and back onto Sprout Mountain.

Scandinave Spa


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