Diving In – Adventure Racing Article

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Flashback: I am seriously pondering registering for my first adventure race; my finger is hovering over the “Sign Up” button and my heart is beginning to race.

That was last year. Now I don’t hesitate and in all honesty – I’m addicted!

As human beings we have a basic instinct to explore, compete and find adventure. Modern adventure racing captures this human drive and takes it to the next level. Popularity of this high-intensity form of adventure is growing; televised races such as the “Eco Challenge” have put the sport firmly on the map, and race organizers big and small are challenging a wide range of people from all over the world.

Click link below to read on, it’s printed in Whistler’s Pique Magazine.

Full article link


One thought on “Diving In – Adventure Racing Article

  1. Nice to hear you’re addicted to adventure racing! Just back from adventure races in Thailand and Vietnam – the bug is catching here too in South East Asia!

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