Wedge Mnt. Hike

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If you’re after a hike that will kick your ass then look no further! We started our hike at 9.30am and finished 5 hours and 42 minutes later, after a 11km hike with a 1238m elevation gain. Sounds a little brutal but the view at the top is well worth it. Wedge is located about 10mins north of Whistler and is renowned for its steep sides and spectacular views.

Prepare yourself for about 2 1/2 hours of very steady up hill climbing, when you’re close to the top you have about 20 mins of rock scrambling then you’re there! A pristine lake glitters in the sunshine, snow-capped mountains create a picture perfect moment, that’s when you get out your sandwich – congrats this is one of the best places you’ll ever have lunch! We spent about 45mins at the top, admiring the view and checking out the little cabin perched precariously on the top. We passed quite a few campers, but seen as campfires aren’t allowed in the park I imagine it could have got a little chilly in the tent. The cabin looks like it would fit about 5ppl on the top mezzanine and if you weren’t bothered about sleeping in between tables, another 3 on the floor. However you might want to know these people as it would be very cosy.

The downhill had my knees burning, take your time as the aforementioned rock scramble is worse on the way down! We went on a pretty hot day and I ran out of water, such a rookie mistake. Make sure you also take bug spray – the horse flies were in a vicious mood.

NB: You can’t take your dog – I must admit to feeling very sad about this, she’s my best hiking buddy and I couldn’t look her in the eye when I walked out the door. I know that dogs disturb wildlife, but I’m pretty sure humans do too, it feels like an infringement on my rights not to bring my best-friend.


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