Telus Ski and Snowboard Festival 2010

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It’s finally here,  follow my blog posts on the festival site for the most up to date information;

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It’s the day after and everyone’s still buzzing with opinions and questions about the filmmaker’s showdown. This sold out event shocked everyone with the high calibre of every single entry.

People were there early and like towels on deck chairs people had tried to secure themselves the best seats in the house using waterproofs, hats, scarves and handbags. Again this was another who’s who of Whistler, as you glanced around people were hugging each other, catching up and buying beers. This is certainly an event that brings the locals out in droves and for good reason. It’s so cool to see the place you live on the big screen and when some of your mates are doing the production it’s even better.

Our host for the night, Feet Banks, set the tone when he carried in an Olympic sized dubie to the applauds of the crowd. After a run down of the prizes, some of which he dropped on the floor, the films got rolling.

The first film ‘First Sight’ was really cute. A well shot love story with awesome cinematography, this little sweetie tugged on a few heart-strings within the audience, including Olympic gold medal winner Ashleigh McIvor.

Then random Robjn Taylor’s entry hit the screens, this two-time winner is known for his quirky subjects and this year did not disappoint. “Firetruck Earrings” had people roaring with laughter at his unique antics and take on life. I wonder what goes on inside that head of his….

The third film was introduced by three lads from across the border in the good old US of A. “Panty Bloomers” blew my mind, it was so unique as the action was actually narrated as if the director was simply talking about it all being shot. Individual and funny it scooped the ‘Best in Show’ award, not too shabby for a gang of Zac Efron look-a-likes.

Number four was the action movie of the evening. “Fanny Pack” was a crazy meld of Napoleon Dynamite, The Goonies and Rambo. With lines like, “He just called us poo touchers!” it was downright hilarious.

Fleet brought us back to earth as we broke for a quick break. The place was buzzing with the sound of people discussing the different movies and I tried to get a quick poll whilst keeping an eye on our seats! Some people liked the artsy love stories that came first whilst others raved about the American submission, I was still laughing about the film based around a ‘fanny pack’ – totally different meaning in the UK.

As the drinks started flowing a bit more freely the language got a little more colourful, Fleet dropping the ‘F’ bomb got everyone going for the second half of the night.

“Dawn of the Dumb” gave us the horror selection of the night. A small boy is chased through the streets by beer crazed zombies. I was laughing away whilst guzzling my Kokanee.

The “People’s Choice Award” went to the 6th show and last years winner, Jonny Fleet. “War of 1910 and/or 1924” included a battlefield shot, at Lost Lake. Some might say reminiscent of Mel Gibson’s “Braveheart”, incredible given the 72 hour deadline. The humour and the fact most of the audience was possibly in it gave this film a leg up to the top spot – can’t wait to see it again!

The second to last film had us blasting off into space with “Negative Return”. I love a little sci-fi and the fact that the special effects included flashing lights from Ikea, crate paper, egg boxes and a lot of imagination made it absolutely brilliant.

Finally we rounded the night off with “Missing”, after an ominous intro by its director we weren’t sure what to expect. After teary eyed interviews with his fiancé, friends and parents we learn that our protagonist has got lost on his way to the bathroom at Sushi Village. All the locals in the audience roared with laughter as we all know what a trek it is and with testimonies from the waiter and local doctor adding weight to the story, it was just hilarious.

I have to say I was tired yesterday after a day at work and thought I’d barely make it through eight movies in a warm, dark room. But as the creativity flowed and the laughter took hold I was so pumped by the end of the night it took me a while before I could get to sleep. The talent here is outrageous and I can’t wait to see some of those videos popping up on youtube. Tonight is the second cuts screening, showing all those films that nearly made it; I think it will be a blast!

NB: Try and spot the yo-yo’s in each movie!


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