My Monday, on a Friday

Groan, it is my Monday, I have had two epic days off and now it is back to work. I say epic as my boyfriend and I headed down to the Whistler Olympic Park to try our hand at cross-country skiing. It is just off the highway and up a 10km road, hidden deep in the spectacular scenery of the Callaghan Valley. The ski jump, which will be used in the 2010 Olympics, went up into the mist looking extremely imposing amongst the trees.
An avid snowboarder my boyfriend looked at me a little warily as we put on the strange boots and very long, skinny skis. The guide helped us pick a route and we headed off, as simple as that! We had brought the dog, Yuki, as she is having a few issues with people on skis and boards. Not surprising really as the noise they make on ice behind our house is pretty scary and I have spent many a morning running after a terrified dog and a slightly confused skier. Cross-country skis apparently aren’t her issue, she loved it, we clipped in, after realising we hadn’t even asked how we put on or use the skis. Not to be put off we started our way round the track, trying to emulate the other people who were lapping us with their dogs also in tow. It was pretty fast once you got the almost skating like action and on the downhill sections we really sped off, with Yuki chasing and sometimes us having to bail, as she didn’t seem to understand that sitting in the tracks was a little off-putting!
We managed two laps, Yuki had made loads of new friends, Darren (boyfriend) had taken a stack and I had some great laughs! It is a great experience, a real workout too, my thighs felt like jelly, and so beautiful well worth checking out if you at headed this way!


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