waking up and the sticky ‘n’ key

I come from the UK where people are known for talking about the weather, I now live in Whistler where this is also a major topic of conversation, leading me to the conclusion it is not really a British thing and for me to open my blog talking about it isn’t too stereotypical. We have no snow. I have recently woken up, put the kettle on, opened the curtains and let the dog out for her morning ritual and there is still no new snow. Don’t get me wrong the sun is a beautiful thing but for the last two years I have usually been up and out on the hill wading my way through piles of the white stuff whereas this year I merely contemplate a second cuppa! If there are any ‘n’s missing from the text my apologise it’s a bit sticky this morning!

My dog, whose name is Yuki, which means snow in Japanese, is whining at me to go out, apparently I can not immediately do anything about this as she will then realise she can boss me about and I loose my placing as pack leader, a dubious position that I don’t ever feel I really hold. She is now 7 months old and getting pretty large, and demanding, don’t get me wrong though she is amongst the best decisions I have ever made and she makes me laugh every day which I love. She is a clever critter and has now gone for the slobber approach, how much licking will I put up with until I move and play? I am pretending to be immune! Harder than it looks as my morning breathe does not come close to the smell coming from her slobbery muzzle!!!!

When I do not feel the need to rush out, strap a bit of wood to my feet and plummet down a mountain at break neck speed, I like to get another cup of tea and get a book out. Honestly I’ll read just about everything, which is evident in my rather limited collection, small as when moving to Canada I could only bring across 20kg, it killed me having to decide what I left behind. All in good hands with my parents at home I’m sure, but there is something I love about a full book case and I am attempting to start that again. Part of what I love about reading is that you can escape to a world that’s not your own, for an hour of the day I am Caesars sidekick, or a forensic scientist on the brink of solving the case, the silly girls who runs upstairs instead of out the front door, the innocent bystander who is simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, the lover who just cheated, the explorer that just discovered new lands, the child who just ran away…I could go on. Even more recently I have realised the joy of then discussing  the book, someone else’s perspective often throws a completely different light on what you just read and thought. Opinions that are completely different from your own, but suddenly make sense and cause new areas of debate. I write reviews for an online site where the editor is kind enough to let me ramble on about my latest favourite book, this happens a lot, I am not that hard to please, if you fancy reading through check out this link http://www.bookbuffet.com/.

This blog, I am sure will drift a little at times, but essential is designed to share my love of writing and life, with anyone who cares to read and comment. Right the dog looks like it is having some sort of fit, I am off out for a walk, still wishing for snow!


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