Out of Kenya – The Province

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I tried my best to sleep on my first night in Kenya, but the thought of being a midnight snack for a big cat made it hard. I had arrived at the Lewa Safari Camp earlier that day and all that separated me from the wilds of the African bush was canvas. The camp is nestled inside 65,000 acres of protected conservancy land and is home to eleven percent of Kenya’s black rhino population, fourteen percent of its’ white rhinos and has the worlds largest single population of the endangered Grévy’s zebra. Just coming through the gates I saw a herd of common zebra followed by three reticulated giraffes, and in the fading light of the day the headlights of the open sided Land Cruiser caught the eyes of a jackal who quickly disappeared into the bush. I tried closing my eyes again – big animals, I had been assured, couldn’t get past the electric fence circling the site. However, an enterprising female ostrich the staff named Bahati (“luck” in Swahili) had figured out a way. If an ostrich can do it…

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