Whistler’s Cornucopia Celebrations 2011

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Araxi is like a beacon of light through the sleeting snow as I navigate towards it on precarious 4-inch heels. Like most Whistlerites I am a little out of practice in such footwear. As I enter and shake off the dandruff snow I breathe a sigh of relief. I have just stepped into one of Whistler’s most acclaimed restaurants and tonight, as they celebrate their 30th anniversary, I realize I’m in for a treat. Around 30 of the top Champagne and sparkling wine houses from across the world are showcasing their wares in grand buckets of dripping ice. Light bounces off crystal, glittering jewellery, and shimmering clothes as the crowd starts to gather. Wait staff in sleek black start to bring out platters of sushi rolls and decadent canapés, which are quickly plucked away by hungry hands. Executive Chef, James Walt is famed for his plateaux de mere and it’s no wonder as fresh oysters slip down eager throats and prawns are plucked delicately from their icy towers.

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