Longboarding Returns

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“Imagine snow boardercross meets the Formula 1 of skateboards as 4 man heats ripped down the mountain.” http://www.whistlerlongboard.com

The Whistler Longboard Festival: June 26th at the Whistler Sliding Centre

I happen to work just beneath the Whistler Sliding Centre and you certainly need to drink your coffee before the commute to work. I happen to be encased in a Ford F150 when taking each snaking turn, but there are those out there that prefer lycra. Lee Cation, architect and producer, has managed to add another exciting event to the world longboard circuit. An off-shoot from the popular Britannia Beach Race this is the first longboarding competition in Whistler.

Whistler Sliding Centre - The Longboard Course

“This road is so unbelievable that it could only be built for the Olympics. Nobody would build a road like this or access this kind of territory, they would go around it. They literally blasted out tonnes of rock on either side for the road… and it’s just an unbelievable setting for photos and video.”  Lee Cation (Race Organizer).

Approx 128 athletes will be dropping 1000 feet over a  1.6km course, tackling eight 180 degree hairpin turns, all at the base of Blackcomb Mountain. The action starts around 10am and spectators can watch from the side of the track. Park at lot number 8 (it’s FREE!) and then head up where you can see hay bales (1000 have been ordered). Expect speed, crashes, and the smell of burning leather (they put their gloved hands on the ground) as the competitors reach speeds of over 100km/hr. This event goes rain or shine! There has been a lot of local support for this event, from the RMOW, Whistler Blackcomb, and local companies like Canadian Snowmobile and Zip Trek organizers hope this event will become annual. What a great sport to add to Whistler’s  line up of events – all the best to the athletes and organizers alike.

Check out some action here: http://vimeo.com/21964898

Want to register? http://www.whistlerlongboard.com



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