72hr Filmmakers Showdown 2011: Are you challenging me to a jib off?

It’s a couple of days after the 72hr Filmmaker Showdown, and funny clips and images are still playing like flashbacks in my head. It was a sell out crow and people lined the walls, not bothered that they would be standing for the next two-hours. The ever-controversial Feet Banks hosted the show, and this year stuck it to pay parking, a touchy subject up here in Whistler. As the laughter and applause abated Feet went on to explain that the winners would be taking home a cheque for $10,000, but he’d be “taking the sure money and hosting”. Without anymore fuss he moved on to the first movie of the night, a first timer to the festival, ‘Zoolander: A Whistler Snowboard Interpretation’ by Harley Francis. Using a cult classic was a smart move, and soon the audience was warming up and hooting and hollering at the right spots. Favourite part: “Are you challenging me to a job off?”

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